3 Facts About Pharmaceutical Products You Probably Don’t Know

Are you searching for legitimate pharmaceutical wholesalers? Currently, the US alone commands 45% of pharmaceutical market share globally. The share was valued at approximately 445 billion dollars in 2016. This makes pharmaceutical distribution industry in the US a hot cake.

Here are three things about pharmaceutical products we thought you should know.

What is a Brand Drug?

A brand drug is one that has never been used before. Pharmacists who discover new drugs research, test, develop, produce and market it for a considerable duration. They begin the production process in a laboratory, continue it in a testing facility and they later visit a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) office to get approval.

Also, the pharmaceutical firm ensures that the medication is effective and safe by performing several laboratory studies. Additional studies help them to determine a precise form and dosage. Various American clinical research centers perform other studies where scientists issue pets with the drugs. The centers can be veterinary school medical facilities.

Afterward, the FDA assesses the clinical and laboratory trial results as well as the production processes. Also, it certifies the medication/s purity, strength and stability before approving it. After getting the FDA’s approval, the firm gives the drug a “brand name” and starts marketing it to various veterinarians. A unique patent protects the brand drug against counterfeit products.

What is a Generic Drug?

When a medication’s patent expires, some pharmaceutical wholesalers seek the FDA’s permission to produce and sell a generic of their original brand drug. The manufacturer needs to prove that the medication’s active ingredients resemble those of the brand drug. Besides, they must ensure that it has the same concentration, dosage, and form.

Furthermore, the FDA needs a generic drug to be stable and pure. It must also have similar distribution patterns like those of a brand medication. Also, the agency ensures that the medication’s active elements and effects are identical to those of the brand drug.

What is a Controlled Drug?

Controlled drugs are medications which the Misuse of Drugs legislation controls. They include morphine, methadone, and pethidine. The regulations have five schedules which classify different controlled medication. Schedule 1 comprises drugs with a high control level while Schedule 5 consists of those with a lower control level.

When one purchases a Schedule 2-controlled drug such as pethidine from pharmaceutical wholesalers, a pharmacist usually asks proof of their identity. You might have to produce your driving license or passport. Also, you will have to sign on the medication that you indeed received it.

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