Acne Myth – Only Teenagers Get Acne

One common misconception among teens and a lot of people is the fact that acne stops whenever you become a grownup and then leave your adolescent years behind, but it’s not the case whatsoever. Doctors realize that acne can hit at almost any age anytime for any multitude or reasons. 1 / 2 of women are effected by acne to different levels in addition to 25 % in men.


Adult acne and acne that effects teens are generally exactly the same, despite common misconceptions. They must be treated just like well. However, in some instances adult acne and acne scars could be complicated and want special therapy. But many generally it’s caused my an outburst of hormones that overproduce oils within the skin and clog the pores.

With any kind of acne comes an amount of social clumsiness and embarrassment, regardless if you are a grownup or teen suffering. It’s is much better however to deal with acne when you’re youthful, as it might damage the skin (scarring) as you become older.

There are several advantages to adult acne though. Despite the seriousness of it, the great factor is the fact that when you’re a grownup, you tend to accept condition a little more seriously and do whatever is essential to deal with it, instead of putting them back or just being impatient and hopping around from regimen to regimen like many teens do. The secret would be to maintain positivity and become patient, worthwhile product or method will require a minimum of 2 to 3 days to exhibit any manifestation of results.


If you have adult acne, one other good factor is it is usually simpler to deal with meaning that the physician will likely be aware of cause. If you have acne in a more youthful age, the options are usually endless in regards to what causes it.

Regardless of the excellent achievements people say about some acne products, I’ve discovered that many acne skin care treatments simply didn’t work with me.

But after many years of battling to eliminate my acne, I finally found something which could almost completely cure my acne in a couple of days.