A Beginner’s Guide To Using Anavar – Best Benefits And Dosage Recommendations Of It


Anavar is one of the best and most popular steroids in the world of bodybuilders and athletes. It is in fact ideal for the ones that want to improve their physique and aid their workouts. It is a mild anabolic steroid that has no side effects when used in a responsible manner.

It was originally developed as a medication to help the patients maintain and gain the muscle mass and it is even still prescribed to the ones having HIV/AIDS or other such muscle wasting disorders. Most of the athletes and bodybuilders buy this supplement from the reliable online stores for aesthetic enhancement and performance. Anavar is a bridge steroid that can be highly beneficial for most of the people regardless of their overall goals.

Top benefits of Anavar that will amaze you!

  • Anavar has a great ability to offer the user “superhuman strength” without tipping scales. It makes it ideal performance enhancer drug especially for the ones that want to remain in a specific weight class and don’t want to look quite big.
  • It is a well known supplement for offering vascularity that the other steroids might not offer.
  • Most of the people including women use this supplement to burn off subcutaneous and visceral body fat along with maintaining leaner muscle mass. It helps in muscle definition and preventing excessive weight gain.
  • Men can easily use Anavar without any fear of the estrogenic side effects or male pattern baldness since this supplement doesn’t aromatize.
  • Anavar gains are normally permanent especially when the cycles are well followed with PCT.
  • While not all the steroids are suitable for women, they can use this steroid successfully for gains, vascularity, and tone.

Recommended Anavar Dosage

Generally, a traditional Anavar cycle needs to be followed in a two weeks on and two weeks off. It is the same like any other steroid cycles. Well, it is normally a better approach since it offers your body some time to get detox and getting rid of chemicals that are found in steroid.

A common or regular dosage of this supplement will normally start around 20 mgs per day and can increase up to 100 mgs. It can then be increased by 20 mgs by every two week period.

Overall, it is highly recommended to get started with lower dosages to let your body adapt to it. Ensure to combine it with proper exercise and diet routine to get the best results.