Best Method To Lose Body Fat Quickly

One point in a lifetime every individual face the challenge due to increase in body weight. Mainly the fat gets stored and makes it difficult to lose weight. One can try some natural methods instead of Anapolon or Anabol supplement to lose fat. Find some interesting tips to lose fat at the earliest and build strong muscles.

Make Use of Ketosis

The body makes use of ketones and glucose as the vital nutrient to stay fit and healthy. When fat loss is your goal then, instead of Anapolon or Anabol you can try putting your body in the ketosis state. What does that mean? The source of energy is shifted from carbohydrates to fat. You will be glad to use the stored stubborn fat to provide you power and hence they will be utilized and burned. Beware in this state your body will lose a minimum of one pound in a day when fat is the only source of energy. Hence make sure you don’t affect your systems in any way. Follow a proper diet and get benefitted from ketosis.

Time Bound Fasting

This is a method in which you will eat 3 or 6 meals across the day. But will eat only during the one-time slot. For instance, you can eat between 6 PM and 10 PM or 2 PM and 10 PM. Which means post ten in the night you will not eat anything till 2 PM next day afternoon.

Here is what will happen, you will start your day by 6 AM and perform your regular work and the body will use the fat stored in the body to get energy and hence calories will be burnt from that and not from your breakfast or lunch. Then you eat after 2 PM, so you need not feel like fasting as well.

It balances the hormone by controlling insulin sensitivity and increasing leptin the fat burner hormone. Also, the growth hormone increases and hence this fasting makes sense for those who prefer losing weight.

You can have a cup of coffee during your fasting time only once to keep your cortisol hormone balanced.


This is another new way, and it means Gallon of Water a Day. Most efficient method to lose weight by only drinking water as it will hydrate your body and mobilizes the fat. This will increase the metabolism, and hence you can achieve permanent weight loss. Drink a minimum of a gallon of water and do not worry about pissing. It will initially bother, and later body will settle to that condition, and you will not piss often.

Take a Shower With Cold Water

You can take a cold shower at least four times a week, and that will do wonders. Cold water will make your body increase the temperature to keep you warm and hence generates heat. This will burn faster than ever before, and you can undoubtedly shred those fats and become fit.

In a nutshell, try things that work for you. Do not overdo. Never get disappointed, and consistency is essential to lose weight. Without expecting immediate results make this a habit, and you will lose weight over a period.