Demerits of Cannabis Plant: Rapid Growth of Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Though Canada has legalised the use of cannabis for recreational purpose, but recently it is observed that people are getting affected by Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) because of over use of this drug. Those who frequently get high with weed strains for a longer period of time, are suffering severely with vomiting. Now the condition has become contradictory as earlier marijuana or weed was supposed to use for reducing vomiting tendencies in cancer patients. But unfortunately the consistent use of this drug has created an adverse effect on them. People can easily get weed online Canada.

Other symptoms caused by CHS

 Apart from vomiting and dizziness, the stoners are experiencing some other discomforts like abdominal pain, weight loss, excess sweating and bloating. Some are even down with severe diarrhea. Though one can get little relief taking hot showers but that too becomes a compulsion for them. Still medical science is not aware of potential effects of prolonged use of hybrid cannabis or weed. So many people are going to undergo the disadvantageous situation caused by weed drugs.

The major concern is that if a patient diagnosed with CHS, he/ she are becomes terribly dehydrated that the kidneys stop functioning. In this case, the patients need immediate hospitalisation. Some patients’ symptoms are controlled with a day or so, but some need medical care for at least a week to control the adverse situation.

How this can be cured?

According to the doctors, these uncontrolled situations can only be improved if the person stops taking weed permanently. The studies have shown if they are likely to take marijuana right after the treatment, the symptoms may relapse and the patient might get affected permanently by this disease. Though you can still get weed online Canada.