Different ways to recover after overeating

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Did you just eat a whole packet of cookies or a bag of chips? And you feel like spending your entire day in a pair of sweatpants. This may sound like a perfect date with yourself, but the caloric damage of your make would only make you panic and regret afterwards. Overeating only makes you feel old. There are lots of exercises that would get you back on the right track, but you should show some other ways to recover from overeating. Given below are the 9 effective ways to overcome binge hangover.

  1.    Drink water: water has the ability to kill the overeating hangover. Overeating leads to dehydration and water retention. When you are super full, the only one thing you must do is guzzle down lots of water. Researches show that drinking water can aid your digestion, fight against gas-induced bloat and aid in a binge. It is recommended to drink water before going to sleep as well as after waking up. Try to keep a water bottle handy for the next few days. This will not only help to flush out the excess salt from the body but also maintains your metabolism.
  2.    Avoid the scale: the day following a big binge is not a day to weigh you. It will always display a number higher than your original weight. Remember, that this overweight is only due to extra sodium intake and water retention. It is recommended to wait for two days before weighing yourself. This will avoid the situation getting worse.
  3.    Move: moving aids overeating. Start doing exercises which help to counteract overeating symptoms. Overeating makes you feel that you are carrying a food baby. Put on your running shoes and hit the gym. Indulge yourself in cardio and start running. When you exercise, start with slow warm-ups and do enough stretching for 30-40 minutes. Exercising is the best way to eliminate toxins from your body and give you an endorphin boost.
  4.    Nutrition is essential: indulging in nutrition helps you to counter with the things that you tend to overeat. You can buy nutritious items at a cheap rate using various coupons and vouchers. Balancing your diet is very important to overcome the binge. Next time when you plan to eat cheese, try having it with a Spinach salad or Kale smoothie. A diet which is full of nutrition will help you to fight hunger cravings as well as support natural detoxification.
  5.    Steam: once you complete your exercise session, get yourself inside a steam room. Sweat it out. Steam is an effective way to boost your circulation, feel relaxed and less bloated. A steam bath removes all the toxins from your body and improves your complexion.
  6.    Do not starve: sometimes people get hunger pangs and tend to avoid those pangs. It is always recommended to eat between meals if you get hungry. Just because you overate yesterday, doesn’t mean that you would deprive yourself of food. Skipping those meals makes the situation worse, and you end up overeating again. CouponHub provides you with exciting offers on food items. Use the coupons to buy snacks that that are rich in protein, Greek Yogurt with berries and organic turkey slices with avocado. This will promote satiety.
  7.    Indulge yourself in clean lunch and dinner: after overeating, try to eat whole foods that help to keep you refreshed and put you back in the right frame. Prepare a diet which gives you a proper balance of protein, fibre-filled carbs and fats. For example, you can eat a grilled salmon fillet with one cup quinoa and three cups leafy greens adequately dressed in lemon and olive oil. A baked chicken breast with half a sweet potato could also be a great option. Use one tablespoon of butter.
  8.    Foods that are hard to digest should be avoided: overeating gives you digestive distress. Do not eat foods that may disrupt your tummy further. Products such as gluten, coffee, dairy products, refined sugar, acidic foods, pasta, alcohol, fatty meat should be avoided as they make conditions worse. Try eating almonds, lentils, fruits, vegetables as they are more alkaline and easy to digest.
  9.    Get sound sleep: to get yourself on a track after binge, try to get a sound sleep for seven to nine hours. Sleeping helps to turn down the fat and reduces the carb-laden trigger food. Less amount of sleep decreases the ability of the body to break down the fat and carbs.