Drugs and Alcohol: 10 Signs You are Addicted

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Depression is one of the worst mental illnesses a person goes through in their life. However, one has to believe that it is nothing, but the game of mind. If you are a believer in the concept of Law of Attraction, you know how important it is for you to keep your thoughts positive. The more positive thoughts you have in your mind, the more positive things you attract towards you.

However, depression forces you to be negative. Depressed individuals often depend upon alcohol, drugs and cigarettes. They find themselves at peace when they are in their illusionary state. It makes them feel good and less hurt. Since they are the rulers of the world that their mind creates when they are on drugs or alcohol, they don’t feel like returning to the real world. They start getting addicted to such things and thus, lose their lives in the end.

Does this situation terrify you? Then you have to consult a nationally recognized addiction treatment center. Such a center can motivate you to get rid of your addiction; it brings your normal self back to you.

Wondering about the signs that prove your addiction to drugs or alcohol?

  1. You are unable to sleep without drinking alcohol. Even if you try, you can’t.
  2. Weekends are best when you are high on drugs. The images that you explore after being on drugs get the best version out of you
  3. Your drugs are your best friends or perhaps the only friends you have in your life.
  4. You can’t imagine a day without drinking alcohol; it helps you forget your pain and bad experiences in life.
  5. You are overly sensitive to comments of people, even if they are trying to give a feedback to you. Alcohol is a medicine for your pains.
  6. You meet your friends only when you want to do drugs or consume alcohol in their company. You are least bothered about anything else.
  7. You are a loner. You don’t want to talk to anyone in your life. All you need is alcohol or drugs on a daily basis.
  8. You have realized you are dependent upon alcohol or drugs. You have realized you can’t go on another day without it.
  9. You can handle anything and everything when you are high on drugs.
  10. Your sadness pushes you towards drugs or alcohol.

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