A Healthy way to Build Muscles

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The awareness about staying healthy is catching up very fast with people from all walks of life. Be it a common man or a sports person, everybody is working out some way or the other in order to stay fit. Building up muscles is compulsory for sports persons, body builders and is a trend even among celebrities. Those that are interested in building muscles should not follow any exercise or diet blindly. There is way to build muscles without compromising with your health.

Workouts for Different Parts of the Body

A workout of forty to sixty minutes, three to five days a week is a must. You should change this routine from time to time to avoid fatigue. Pull-ups and bent-over bars are best to strengthen the back muscles while pressing overhead will help in making shoulders stronger. Push-up exercises and weight lifting are good to grow pecs. Squats are good for leg muscles while dips and arm curls help in building biceps while go for crunches and planks to build abdominal muscles.   

Good Intake of Calories

Increase the Intake of calories in your diet. Caloric needs differ from person to person, so it is important to keep a calorie chart and increase the intake gradually. Your calories must come from healthy food and try to avoid having processed food. Add protein rich foods, fats, and carbohydrates in your daily diet. It is seen that least 28 grams of cooked meat provides 7 grams of protein. In most of the cases it is seen that 1 gram of protein is required for per pound of your body weight.   

The Use of Steroids

It is a known fact that steroids enhance the performance and players almost in all the fields take steroids to give their best. It is a myth that steroids affect the body of a player. Actually intake of anabolic stéroides musculation achat  hardly has any side effects on athletes. The testosterone steroid not only increases body size and the muscle strength, it also plays a good role in healing the muscles.

Drink Lots of water

Drinking lots of water is ideal to speed up building muscles. Water can be added in through food, drinks and not just by drinking a few glasses of water.

Change the Eating Pattern

We are used to eat two to three full meals in a day. This pattern has to be changed. Eating six to seven times a day with smaller intervals is a better way to stay healthy.   

As you have to take protein rich foods more, you can make it a routine to take protein rich food twice a day and Peanut butter, fruits, milk and carbohydrates at other times of the day. Eating healthy fats is also important but you must avoid saturated fats that come in the shape of chips, butter, or even bacon.

Thus by doing regular exercise, taking proper diet and changing your eating habits, you can build strong muscles in a healthy way. You can take the help of a coach, or a doctor that can guide you from time to time.