HydraFacial or Microdermabrasion, What’s Better?

Some individuals will always be microderm people because they love the exfoliation it offers, but they may also want some elements that HydraFacial gives too! These elements do much more than just exfoliation. The treatment extracts, cleanses, exfoliates and permeates hydration and antioxidants into your skin.

For optimal results, a series of six Microdermabrasion procedures and 3-6 HydraFacials is required. Read the following to help you understand the differences between HydraFacials and Microdermabrasion and discover what results you can expect for your skin with both procedures.


There are various kinds of microderms, and all of them exfoliate the skin. The technique uses bristles to exfoliate, and it ends the treatment with the permeation of a serum that is selected based on your skin’s needs.

There is no pain involved with the procedure as it removes the top layer of your skin, making your skin instantly smoother and softer. The microdermabrasion removes skin debris, stimulates blood flow, cleans your pores, and promotes the formation of collagen to tone and firm your skin.


HydraFacial has often been described as a more advanced version of Microdermabrasion. It is in fact, a medical grade facial resurfacing treatment that provides instant results with zero downtime. The HydraFacial treatment is a four-step process and customisable to your skin.

A standard HydraFacial, cleanses, extracts, hydrates and exfoliates with unique serums that are full of hyaluronic acid, peptides and antioxidants. Your HydraFacial is also completely customisable based on your specific skin type and concerns.

For optimal results look for a clinic that employs experienced and qualified aestheticians; MIRA Clinic is a Hydrafacial specialist in Subiaco Perth area. Your Aesthetician should administer a thorough skin analysis prior to your HydraFacial treatment to find out which add-ons you may want, including red light therapy for skin repair and sun damage or blue light therapy for acne. You also have the option to add growth factors or exfoliation to encourage collagen and production.

After a HydraFacial session, your skin will feel rejuvenated, and it will literally glow! You’ll notice that your skin products will have more visible effects and penetrate faster, while you will be able to apply your makeup smoother without settling into your pores and fine lines.

A HydraFacial is an excellent treatment to have especially before a big event like a wedding or birthday party, but a series of HydraFacial treatment is best as the results gradually appear and you’ll see improvement in wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone, texture, acne and overall skin health.