India’s ‘Medicine Man’ Seeks Help From Crowdfunding to Distribute Medicines to the Poor

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How many of us think twice before tossing our unused medicines into the trash? Most of us are guilty of skipping our prescribed medication more often than not and end up disposing of pills that someone less well off could be struggling to afford. Now, crowdfunding India is offering a solution to a nonprofit that works to help make medication accessible to all.

A majority of Indians cannot afford the medication they need. For many underprivileged households, the cost of medication for a cancer patient can be equivalent to a week or month’s income. Recently, it was noted that the US consumes 90% of all painkillers manufactured in the world, leaving the rest of us to distribute the 10% amongst us. In a poverty-ridden country like India with countless remote villages, it’s impossible to imagine how many could possibly be suffering through their pain, unable to afford drugs.

Omkar Nath is a retired blood bank technician from New Delhi, who chose to dedicate his time to getting medicines to the poor, free of charge. He founded Medicine Baba, a nonprofit that has been striving to help the underprivileged, especially from rural or remote areas, access the medication they need. For the past ten years, they have diligently worked to collect unused medicines and distribute them among the poor. They hold collection drives at colleges and universities, get involved with corporates for CSR projects, and plan healthcare awareness camps in rural areas.

Like any nonprofit, a lack of funds is limiting their activities. To continue their collection and distribution drives, they have begun fundraising with Impact Guru, a top medical and social crowdfunding platform in India.

Medicine Baba has received much acclaim for its work. Daily Mail UK has applauded their past work, calling their founder the ‘Medicine Man’. Independent UK praised the crucial role his nonprofit has played for the past decade in impacting the lives of millions of underprivileged patients.

Crowdfunding allows the NGO to access their network of donors easily by sharing on social media networks. Running a campaign also provides them with the ideal platform to accept international contributions at a nominal fee. Medicine Baba is also able to offer tax benefits to their donors, a feature that is unique to Impact Guru’s crowdfunding India platform. Moreover, they can ensure their existing donors to create support fundraisers, to help find new donors and grow their network.

Find their campaign on Impact Guru’s platform to support this noble cause. Or start one of your own!