Optimistic traits of Anavar that impress people

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Anavar is a popular oral anabolic steroid among both men and women. It is the brand name of the hormone Oxandrolone and it is 3-6 times more anabolic than testosterone but far less androgenic than testosterone. As it is a DHT derivative, this steroid neither does have any estrogenic activity nor any progestogenic activity. It is a favorable compound among the performance-enhancing bodybuilders and athletes, who want to enhance their athletic performance, muscle and strength gain without any water retention. It is also used widely by the bodybuilders in a dieting phase who want to reduce body fat while maintaining muscle gain.

The best time to supplement this compound is during the cutting phase for athletes of both the genders. They burn fat at a very efficient rate and the metabolic rate is greatly enhanced. It gives a more defined and hard look to the individual. The male users get a good result with the starting dose of 50 mg daily. The recommended Anavar dosage for cutting for women is 10 mg daily and this dosage is effective for reducing overall body fat and for preserving the lean tissue. Moreover, it protects the muscle during rigorous training sessions. The muscles appear well-defined, harder and tighter.

Worthwhile stacks

For the male athletes, the highly recommended stack is combining this medication with testosterone. This stack does not suppress the production of testosterone like other steroids. When you add testosterone to the stack, it enhances the results of the cycle. Testosterone is the most versatile and potent of all steroids. Apart from Testosterone, other steroids can enhance performance too after they get stacked with this drug. Many users add Dianabol to the stack. This steroid can add bulk and produces a great result. Most professional users opt for 10-12 weeks cycle for this stack. Dianabol is used in the first 4 weeks while Anavar is added in the remaining 6 weeks to be lean.

Stacking with Proviron is another popular stack. Proviron builds energy and allows the users to maintain training and workouts to get better results. This steroid is not used throughout the cycle but towards the end as it does not help much in bodybuilding. The total dosage must be split into two dosages during the day. In case of female athletes, there will be a significant amount of weight gain at low dosages. Women see better and greater results in cutting cycles than men. This steroid can produce massive strength gains but stacking it correctly with other anabolic compounds produces much better results.

Buying this compound

This anabolic steroid is not highly available in the black market and the prescribed one is hard to get because it is expensive. There are some brands available in the market but most of them are under-dosed. Buying it online is the easiest and the safest way. There are numerous suppliers of anabolic steroids available in the market and their prices are relatively low. The majority of the male users implement Anavar dosage for cutting. On the contrary, females take it mainly for bulking and their dosages are relatively low and they get good results even with 10 mg dosage a day.