What Threats Does Obesity Pose To Our Health?

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The problems that obesity brings with it are way too many to avoid. In the modern era, the majority of the population comes under the dark shadow of being overweight. We have many things to blame for such a notorious effect on our body. From our busy schedule to an increasing number of fast food joints to technology that reduces the chances of hard work and in little help to lose some extra kilos. A person is called obese when they have a body mass index which is higher than thirty. So, let us take a hard look at what obesity can do to our body.

Although, every obese person might not be having the dangers that we are about to talk about they run the high risk of developing it sooner or later.

Strokes and Heart Attacks.

Yes, we are starting with the scariest of them all. When you start gaining weight the level of your blood pressure and cholesterol begins to rise upward. These are the significant factors behind different heart problems. But, when you start controlling your diet and take extra care of your health by working out, then you happen to be on the safer side. Denote only half an hour of your day to physical activities, and you shall see the changes in your life. Buy a pair of running shoes from www.voucherbucket.co.uk/, and you will see the changes instantly. You can also buy other equipment from here and enjoy great deals and offers.


The Type II Diabetes is directly linked with overweight. Majority of the population that suffer from this dangerous disease have a high body mass index. More than often patients can outrun this perilous disease by losing weight. How can you achieve that? By taking care of your diet and devoting a certain amount of your time doing physical exercise. You can even cut out the need for consuming pills by staying on a better diet plan.  


There are way too many types of cancer that evolve around obesity. Few of them are colon cancer, breast cancer, endometrium cancer or cancer caused in the lining of the uterus, oesophagus and kidney cancer. Every one of them mentioned here have a direct link to obesity. Even the ovaries, pancreas and gallbladder aren’t safe if you weigh much more than you should.

Disease caused in the gallbladder.

When you gain more weight than you should, gallstones and gallbladder become a prevalent problem. When you take up the task of losing weight and reduce a significant amount of it the chances that you will be affected by this problem anymore also reduces. So, are you ready to get healthy and lose a substantial portion of your body weight? Then start today.

Higher Blood Pressure.

When your body weight is more the presence of fat tissues in your body start demanding more nutrients and oxygen. To stay alive, more blood is circulated to these fatty tissues. When all of this happens, the heart is put under a lot of pressure to pump more blood than it usually does. This affects the artery walls of your body as they start to experience more stress. It causes the rise in your blood pressure way more than you can imagine. And, every bit of it is related to the increase in your body weight.

Joint Pain.

Whenever you experience lower back or knee-related pain more than often, it is a result of your body weight. In other words, you are suffering from osteoarthritis. Why do you experience such excruciating pain in your hip, knees and back? It is because of the weight that you are carrying around with you. It ends up exerting more pressure on the joints of your body. Your cartilage that is supposed to protect these joints starts wearing off. Every symptom of osteoarthritis can be taken care of by regular exercise and a healthy diet.

Breathing Problem.

When your weight is more than you experience sleep apnea or breathing problems. It has a direct connection with your weight. This is the reason why people often stop breathing while they sleep or snore. It also causes lethargy and tiredness during the day.

Every problem that arises due to excessive body weight can be dealt with. If you start treating the problem, you won’t face any health disorder related to it. So, start today and enjoy good health.