Few Tips to Hold an Intervention for an Addicted Person

Nowadays in USA, it has become very common to find a person addicted either to drug or alcohol. Sometimes, you may feel helpless as nothing seems to be changing the addicted person.

It is always necessary to hold an intervention for your loved one if he or she is affected by any kind of addiction due to bad company or circumstances. It has been noticed that almost 90 per cent people can get cured due to timely intervention.

Following are few tips for intervention for any of your near or dear one who is under addiction of drugs or alcohol:

  1. Choose the team wisely

Only those people may get involved in the team who is either a good friend, family member and well wisher of the affected person.

  1. Find suitable time to talk

The best time to engage the person on talk is when the addicted person is in sober condition.

  1. Use any private or formal spot

You must choose a place of conversation where the addicted person may feel more comfortable to talk.

  1. Pay attention to every order

Make sure that that the right person should start the conversation first.

  1. Hold rehearsal

If needed then the family or friend may prepare themselves by doing rehearsal too.

  1. Stick to your script

If you have chosen any particular dialog then stick to it.

  1. Use warm and open body language

Your body language should be such that you are trying to help but not intimidate the addicted person.

  1. Keep your temper under control

You must keep your emotion and temper under control while talking.

  1. Develop certain backup plan

The person may often behave very irrationally and therefore you must always have a backup plan to tackle the situation.

  1. Never give up

Don’t get frustrated if the person does not respond positively in the beginning. You must continue with your effort.