What are the benefits of using steroids?

Nowadays, having a good physique seems a symptom of being a healthy person and where fashions influence the daily life of the human being. But make no mistake, have a body like the one you usually see on billboards or magazines are sometimes mere Photoshop or bodies of athletes, models that have nothing to do with what they do in their life with your daily lives that most people live. But almost all of them yearn to have these sculptural bodies without really know what it costs to get to get that degree, sacrifices and discipline that can carry out.

Steroids and human being

There are a large number of bodybuilders who use 50mg anavar steroids. However, the use of these substances is still potentially less dangerous to health. Most of the scientific research reporting doses and effects of steroids is done for the treatment of diseases, the doses used in bodybuilding are much higher than the recommended doses, and this also raises the possible risks to health. Few studies exist on the use of steroids. However, the data obtained indicate similarities, the majority of consumers are young adults and the most common substances are testosterone, nandrolones and oxymetalone.


It has its advantages, but it can also cause us many ills if taken as addicted drugs. The anabolic steroids are consumed mostly by athletes, weight lifters and bodybuilders to achieve greater physical and muscular performance in the sport they practice.They produce nitrogen retention that is ordinarily lost through the urinary tract and when added to an intense physical activity, they favor muscle growth due to the formation of new fibers.

By occupying receptors for corticosteroids in muscle cells, they stimulate the production of proteins necessary for the construction of tissues and act as mediators in the enzymatic processes that metabolize these proteins. It is argued that these steroids also stimulate the production of creatine phosphate in muscle tissue which in turn increases the availability of adenosine triphosphate, favoring real explosions of energy for physical exercise and training

It is also known that they produce a rise in the hematocrit which means an increase in the delivery of oxygen to the muscle cells, and also greater availability of lipids and carbohydrates, thereby enlarging the vessels of the muscles worked, achievements much sought after and valued by athletes of high resistance or intensity.

Conclusion: don’t exceed the use

In order to get the best muscular body people often inject themselves with heavier doses, without the consultation of a steroid specialist. This threats your life and can cause serious damage to the organs, even death. Many athletes and bodybuilder have faced fatal injury due to the improper usage of the steroids. However, if you take the necessary dose with proper suggestion it will be your friend. Of course, you need to have the requirement at first. It is important that health and sports professionals can offer alternatives to doping, without compromising the health of people.