The Best Treatments for Foot Diseases

The phenomenon of the thick nail whose medical name is onychomycosis is a type of foot fungus that is due to the proliferation of mini-fungi invisible to the naked eye under the fingernails. If the thick nails are unsightly, they also quickly become contagious, uncomfortable and cause greater medical problems.

The Causes of Thick Nails

In the vast majority of cases, fungi that cause fungal infections such as dermatophytes contaminate public places or people walk barefoot such as at the municipal pool, gym, sauna, or in locker rooms of sports clubs. Fungi that are extremely contagious are actually fragments of skin left on the ground by already infected people who have developed fungal infections due to perspiration, moisture and heat in their closed shoes.

Prevent Onychomycosis

If you are a person particularly prone to infections such as nail fungus, to prevent onychomycosis, it is possible to prevent risks by simple but effective actions.

  • Change your socks every day after your shower
  • Wash your feet with a mild disinfectant
  • Dry your feet properly, especially between the toes
  • Pay special attention to perspiration when buying your shoes
  • Use only one bath towel and one nail clipper per person
  • Do not walk barefoot in public places
  • Treat foot fungal infections

In order to quickly and effectively treat the phenomenon of thick nails, there are three kinds of treatments:

Local Treatments

Varnishes and antifungal treatments are “nail fungus treatments” that are recommended by podiatrist in New Mexico when the pathology is at the beginning of its development or in addition to a drug treatment. Local treatments are actually products such as varnishes or oils that apply to the nail or nails and act in a sustainable way until the fungus is reached. This type of treatment is quite long since it is necessary to apply the varnish until the complete regrowth of the nail, from 6 to 12 months, about once a day.

Drug Treatments

Prescribed by your doctor, tablets that treat thick nails are recommended when the fungus has reached a large part of one or more toenails. In this case, a drug treatment will actually complement a local treatment and will be considered for a period of three to six months. However, drug treatments are controversial because of the side effects they can cause in the liver.

Laser Treatment

When the drug treatment is ineffective or when the patient does not wish to have to deal with the tablets and their possible side effects, laser surgery is an effective and without side effects solution to get rid of nail fungus quickly. Without pain, the action of the laser promotes blood circulation under the sick nail and stimulates the body to help get rid of the fungus.