A Brief Introduction to Blood Drawing and Collection

Keeping in mind the high sensitivity of contemporary medical testing procedures, proper col lection of blood samples is imperative to sampling integrity. The results of the tests are dependent on the sample collected. To receive accurate results, emphasis must be put on proper storage. It will also help to avoid hemolysis. Few tests require plasma or whole blood or just the serum for testing. The laboratory collection tubes contain different additives that are specific for some tests.

Guidelines for blood collection

If blood is collected using a syringe, then, immediately transfer the sample into the right collection tubes. This can be done by puncturing the stopper with the needle and using the vacuum to draw blood into the collection tube. Once the blood stops flowing, the needle has to be withdrawn. A phlebotomist should not force the blood into a collection tube to ensure sample integrity. This may result in changes that may alter the sample quality. The blood should be gently mixed by inverting the collection tube ten times. A phlebotomist should adhere to the guidelines mentioned above to be able to provide optimal results.

Demystifying the order of drawing blood

As discussed above, blood should collect in collection tubes, also called as the order of draw. Avoiding addditives with contamination present in different tubes is imperative. The order, however, can be difficult for remembering someone for those physicians undergoing training or involved in the fieldwork.  Every phlebotomist remembers and learns the order in various other ways. One can use various learning tools to remember the order in the field. One can also keep a handy pocket-sized notebook with them in the field for accessing it quick to the order of drawing blood. Collection tubes that contain additives should be mixed thoroughly to prevent erroneous test results.

Tips for Venipuncture

It is essential to keep the patient calm during venipuncture for multiple tube collections. Patients tend to become slightly intimidated when a phlebotomist uses multiple collection tubes. It is, therefore, imperative to assure patients of their well – being and take their comfort and ease into consideration. Ensure that the blood collection is done using the right procedures and equipment. At the same time, drawing out too much blood or using a needle of the wrong size can make the blood sample unsuitable for testing and analysis.

Blood Draw Order Acronym

Sometimes, the best way to remember something is to create an acronym for the same. It helps in disseminating information easily by breaking it down into simple chunks. These chunks are enough to help one remember the original picture. The acronym to easily that the blood draw order can be remembered, is “Boys Love Ravishing Girls Like Dieters Love Greek Yogurt.” Here, the words “boys”, “love”, “ravishing”, “girls”, “like”, “dieters”, “love”, “Greek”, “yogurt” imply blood culture, light blue, red, gold, light green, dark green, lavender, gray, yellow respectively. Having said that, a phlebotomist can create his own acronyms as per his/her ease to be able to remember the blood draw order conveniently.