Can you CHEAT a Saliva Drug Test?

Are you an employer? Do you host saliva drug tests on job applicants and employees? Are you satisfied with the results that you receive all the time? Do you want to know how the tests can be manipulated?

Firstly, relax – not a lot of people are aware about how to cheat during the saliva drug tests. Also, it is not very easy to “not get caught”, unless you are really equipped with the knowledge about cheating during the drug test.

Want to know about some of the ways in which people can cheat during oral drug tests?

There are a few medicines that have been manufactured to help people pass their oral drug test. No matter when they have consumed drugs, all they need to do is slip the tablet into their mouth and it kills all the traces of drug present in your mouth.

It is not a very difficult thing to slip this tablet into your mouth; even if someone gets a surprise drug test squad at work, he can slip the tablet into his mouth and get rid of the traces.

Another way to cheat on the drug test is by eating different things. When you eat more, the traces of drug automatically diminish from your mouth. Thus, if someone knows he is going to be tested for drug consumption, he can eat various things and lower his chances of being caught for his addiction. People can drink a lot of water and get rid of these traces too. It is also said that brushing and rinsing the mouth with a nice mouthwash can help in staying away from being caught for the addiction of drugs. It all depends upon how smart the drug addict is and how much he knows about cheating during the drug test.

When you are informed about these ways, you get surprised. You start judging people despite their clean results during tests. I request you not to do so because the cheating tips are not very popular around the globe and thus, not all are aware about them. There are only a handful of people who know how to cheat during their oral drug test and thus, they would do the same because they know how to do it. Those who don’t have any idea about manipulating themselves during the tests are not going to cheat and thus, if they prove to be sober according to their test, they genuinely are.