Find Authentic Oxandrolone Online to Increase Muscles in Athletes and Bodybuilders

1954 was the year that brought a revolution of steroids among all athletes. Since then they have tried numerous steroids to improve their performance every year. Although all steroids have basically these three functions, cutting, bulking and ripping, there are some of them that are stacked with other steroids to get extra ordinary outcome.

Testosterone is a natural hormone that helps in developing male characteristics, which also includes gain in muscles. There is an adequate amount of testosterone that is secreted in the body with age. Steroids are artificial testosterones that increase the level in the human body artificially, signaling natural testosterone to subside. This helps in protein synthesis, which turns body fat into muscle mass.

One of the most famous oral drugs is Oxandrolone, which is sold under the name of Anavar. It was introduced by G.D.Searle & Co. in 1960s and had many therapeutic qualities. The structure of Anavar helps in increasing the anabolic activity of hormones. It is a strong steroid that is difficult to purchase without a prescription. Many countries have banned its usage due to high amount of risk involved.

However, those are just risks if proper dosage and guidance is taken, it can give outstanding results. It is banned by WADA and therefore athletes should be aware of all the substances that are banned in their activities.

Oxandrolone is found for sale in a variety of countries like China, many locations in Asia, Mexico and Eastern European countries. There are many websites that assure of selling the most authentic steroid, but not all of them have those rights legally to sell without a prescription. Even in some countries, it is considered illegal if it is imported or exported through general postal service or courier service and can be fined heavily with imprisonment of 5 to 14 years.

Initially, Oxandrolone was used to help patients in gaining weight who have suffered loss of weight due to diseases like HIV or cancer. Later it was used for muscle’s nitrogen retention and to boost muscle mass. Generally, bodybuilders prefer using it in cutting cycles.

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Oxandrolone has alarming side effects like –

  • Nausea
  • Change in skin color
  • Edema in ankles

However, these side effects aren’t alarming if this supplement is taken under the supervision of a physician. Since it is banned in most countries people obtain it from black market or underground resources. It is therefore necessary for such people to be extra cautious because such sources are never trustworthy.

So, pay extra attention when you buy online from any manufacturer. Make sure the ingredients used are legal and the manufacturer is authorized to produce Oxandrolone.