Improving Results with Anadrol Stacking

Anadrol is an anabolic androgenic steroid drug taken by some body builders and athletes. It is a synthetic drug which is orally active and is available in tablet forms. The main component of the drug is called Oxymetholone and is a derivative of the male hormone Testosterone that goes by the name of 17-alpha methylated dihydrotestosterone. This was invented in the year 1960 for medical treatment of patients who are suffering from anemia and osteoporosis and to stimulate muscle growth in underfed and malnourished people. Other than that, it found its use in patients with the HIV/AIDS where the muscle is wasted due to the infection. However, it is the non-medical use that made the drug famous.

Incredible Muscle Growth

In medical patients, the recommended dosage is approximately 10-20mg. It was discovered that when the dosage is increased to 50mg, protein synthesis is greatly enhanced and this resulted in improved muscle growth. Not only that, the muscle mass is markedly high. This fact was liked by the body builders who require a good deal of muscle for their performance. This is one of the most potent androgenic steroid available commercially till date. Many people have been using this drug as a standalone drug, but most people use this drug in combination with other drugs. The best bulking cycles include testosterone and Anadrol to maximize the result. This is called stacking.


Stacking Improves Results

Unity is Strength is a proverb that is best applied to steroids for better efficiency and higher results. Majority of the steroids give side effects in most cases. In order to limit the side effects or improve results, another drug is taken. The net result is supposedly a good outcome which might beneficial to the user. In the case of oxymetholone, it provides androgenic qualities to the user but at the same time may lead to enlarged breast in men and infertility. This can be controlled or limited with other drugs which are rich in Testosterone. For example, Anadrol with Testosterone Enanthate.

Recommended Dosage when Stacking

Body builders and athletes use the drug for faster muscle growth, hence dosages are higher than recommended for medical use. However, there are no clinical guidelines on correct doses. A dosage of 50-100 mg per day for a period of 30-45 days and never beyond 60 days as the drug is toxic to the liver. When combined with Testosterone injections on a weekly basis, efficiency is achieved mostly in the first 6 weeks. Other recommended drugs include Anavar, Trenbolone and Dianabol.

Safety While Stacking

Steroids are used for bulking and cutting cycles of a body builder. However, to maximize results, best bulking cycles include testosterone and Anadrol or other combinations mentioned above. One should be very conscious about the side effects of steroids. Even small doses of steroids tend to give side effects, in the case of high dosages, mild to severe effects can occur. With this drug, one can expect headache, irritation and mood swings as common. Severe ill effects include priapism and gynecomastia in men and infertility and irregular menstrual cycles in women and stomach pain, liver issues and insomnia in both. Should they occur, it is better to consult a medical practitioner.