Is It Okay If One of The Eyelid Becomes Droopy After An Eyelid Surgery

The eyelid surgery is one of the steadily getting popular processes in facial transformation. Its fame is partly due to the popularity of Korean pop stars and television and movie series. But it is one of the few surgery practices that is professionally done by not only Korean surgeons but also those who have adapted the aesthetic surgery practices.

Eyelid lift surgery by Dr. Naveen Somia use surgical way of stitching, cutting and special lasers. The laser procedure is used for removal of unwanted skin. The quantity of entire surgical procedure can be costly, but you will never think about it when you already transformed in your desired new look.

But the thing is, after surgery, there are instances that eyelid becomes droopy instead of lovely. Is it alright? What’s the main culprit on this?


The culprit

Droopy eyes after surgery, though it’s common, still can be prevented or minimized.  It seems that speculum cause tired-look after your surgery. It is utilized to pull back your lid and let your stay accessible for this procedure.

Your eyelid must be taped or put a unique stitch right between your lower eyelid and eyebrow to pull this up. You should also perform steroid injections and massage. If this issue persists, it will require a revision surgery to reposition and tighten the attachment of your eyelid to the bone procedure is typically done.

Its duration

Fortunately, your sagging eyelids will not last long.  Most of the time, it resolves within six months. This can be repaired either thru external or internal approach, but it still depends on the degree of the droopiness.


Work with your surgeon

Schedule a consultation with a reputable eyelid surgeon, so you can talk and understand about your situation. Though this can just go away in just a matter of time, still it could lead to other complications. There are times that it needs challenging procedure along with several risks. However, your surgeon can provide substantial improvement through their skills and expertise. Don’t hide a single thing. They deserve to know every details and concern so they could address it properly.

It is truly amazing what can do of plastic surgery. Since it is already viral, it is also used as escaping the way of criminals. They go under plastic surgery so that they will not catch and jailed. The transformation result is unrecognizable, that way they can travel abroad to escape. Plastic surgeons must aware of the customers want a change. They must have asked a certificate that will prove that they are not under investigation or other cases they are involved.

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