Passing A Hair Follicle Test Is Easy If You Know How

Did you know that over 150 million Americans tried some kind of illicit drug sometime in their lives? You’re not the only one at this moment thinking about the upcoming test at your workplace, don’t worry about that.

With today’s tempo of life, it’s essential to have something in our life that will relieve the stress. A lot of people choose some kind of narcotic to make their after work hours more fun and especially the weekends which is a time to completely let go of all problems and enjoy.

Knowing that some states have completely legalized recreational marijuana, it’s really normal smoking occasionally. However, a lot of employers still hold to the old routine and ask their employers to be completely clean if they want to keep their job.

In this article, we’ll tell you all you need to know about how to pass a hair follicle drug test. We’ll also talk a little about how these tests are conducted and what you can expect from them. Read on and learn more about this.

How the test is done?

There are more different tests that employers practice. The urine and the follicle options are the most popular as they are able to detect narcotic use for a longer period of time.

The urine method is able to uncover illegal use for up to 30 days from the last consumption and it’s very easy to be fixed by everyone. There are lots of methods when it comes to this option.

The follicle test is able to detect drug use for up to 90 days. Impressive, right? This option is also much harder if not impossible to fake. You’ll have to work much more if you want to come out negative on the final result.

In addition, let’s talk a little more about the follicle way of performing this.

It can be done at work or in a special facility. It doesn’t really require anything special as the technician performing everything will only cur a part of your hair and will take it to the lab where the real testing will be done.

With scissors, a sample will be taken from your head or any other part of the body if you don’t have any on your scalp. They’ll try to cut as close as possible to the shaft. That’s the place where it is most common to find something suspicious.

Your hair grows 0.5 inches every month. After 3 months the drug particles leave the follicle and can’t be traced anymore. That means, the closer to the shaft the sample is, the better the chances to uncover something. As it grows, the amount drops down. See some facts about it on this link.

What you need to do in order to pass

There’s only one solution to this problem. It’s called washing your hair for two weeks with a special detox shampoo. On the market, there’s a whole lot of solutions all claiming to be the best option. However, most of them don’t work and will damage your hair. In the end, you’ll just be spending money on bad products and be sacked out of work.

What you actually need to do is get only the best shampoo called Aloe Rid. This is a detox shampoo that comes with a significantly higher price than the others, but this is because it’s the only formula that really works.

Before using it read the instruction manual and understand how often you need to do this. Don’t worry about the fact that you’ll need to spend at least 10 days of continuously washing for at least 3 times a day because the shampoo is not going to damage your hair like the others. In fact, it’s recommended to use it as your everyday shampoo.

After two weeks, your hair will completely be clean from the toxins and you’ll be able to pass the test. If you have been taking drugs regularly and more than the usual, you might need to do something more drastic in order to be sure in the final results. If you think you might come out positive, try the Jerry G or the Macujo methods prior to the examination day.

Compared to the other, the Macujo method gives better results. It’s more expensive, but at this time, no one thinks about the money.

How the Macujo method is performed?

You’ll need a few ingredients for this. Beside the detox shampoo we mentioned, you’re going to get vinegar, Tide detergent, and pink Clean and Clear skincare product. Strange combination, right? Yes, but it works.

First, you wet your hair and add vinegar. You need to rub the vinegar deep inside the scalp so you make sure the skin has gotten the ingredient well inside itself. After this, it’s time for the Clean and Clear solution. Do the same. Make sure it is well rubbed and the skin got enough of it. It doesn’t mean pouring the whole thing at once but making sure that the skin got rich of it.

After this, you need to let this stay for 30 minutes under a plastic cap so the skin can absorb the healthy ingredients to the maximum. When the time has passed, wash the hair with the Aloe Rid Old Formula shampoo. Make sure it’s done right and don’t leave a spot on your head that’s not covered.

In the end, do the same with the detergent. Make sure you repeat this process the day on the test for maximum results.


As you can see, it’s not so hard passing this. Sure, it’s not great, but also not terrible. You’ll get your hair damaged just a little but you can be sure that you’ll pass and keep your job. When everything is finished, you can get back to smoking. If you continue washing daily, you can even take a surprising test, and chances are great that they won’t find anything incriminating on you.