Tips For Taking The Anti-Impotency Pills With Dosage

Anybody can have the erectile dysfunction and it’s not the problem that one can’t deal with. Viagra is the way out that helps in fighting against the ED. Doctors actually give the dose of Viagra according to the condition and that is good for the health. The common dosage that doctors recommend is the 50 mg for the men and based on the effectiveness and toleration the dose is recommended to the patient.

Increased dose goes up to 100 mg and the minimum one up to 25 mg. people who are suffering from any other medical conditions should be given the Viagra dosage accordingly. A person should always tell the doctor about all the medicines and the medical condition that he is going through so that the doctor can easily prescribe the dosage for the proper work.

Nowadays if you need Viagra online stores are there to make it available for you at your doorsteps. There is three dosage of the Viagra and these are 25, 50 and 100. There are some of the tips of having the Viagra.

  • It should be taken when you are in a mood that means you must be sexually stimulated for it to work. Viagra works on erection, not for the sexually desire.
  • You must take your time as after having the Viagra it takes 30 minutes to properly work. You can take it before 4 hours of sexual activity. There is no need to rush after having it.
  • Food is the common factor that is totally related to the working of the Viagra. Never have Viagra without the meal and if you have taken the full-fat rich food then it takes more time to work.
  • If you are not getting any results then you must consult the doctor to adjust the dose accordingly.
  • Never have Viagra more than one in a day as it can cause various side effects.

Safety tips while having Viagra:

  • Do not take Viagra when you are already having the medicines like nitrate for the chest pain. Blood pressure level can drop at the unsafe level if you take Viagra with them.
  • Be attentive in noticing any kind of allergy from the Viagra ingredients like Revatio or sildenafil.
  • Never get too late when you notice any one of the side effect causing symptoms. Immediately consult your doctor.

Some of the rare side effects of Viagra that one should know for the proper treatment:

  • Priapism that is if an erection that will not go away for more time that is more than four hours then immediately go to the doctor for the treatment as this can damage your penis.
  • If you feel the blur vision or the sudden vision loss then it is the sign of the serious eye problem that is related to the side effects of the Viagra. Stop taking Viagra and call your doctor immediately. Viagra is for the healthy sex life so enjoy but with proper knowledge about it.