Treatments and Services that Good Dental Clinics Offer

Tooth decay and gum problems can be very painful and can affect your life in a very bad way. They may lead to bad breath or bigger troubles like decaying tooth pulp, bleeding gums, periodontal, cavities, enamel depletion, and untimely tooth loss. However, these problems can be tackled before they even occur, or cured before they can get serious, with the simple dental treatments that all good dental clinics like Oracare offer.

Best Dental Treatments That All Good Clinics Offer

Dental Care is a vast subject because oral problems are of different kinds. Based upon your condition and symptoms, dentists perform tests and then suggest treatments that are the only solutions. Some of those treatments are listed below.

  • Teeth Cleaning – Teeth cleaning once in every 4-6 months is recommended by all dentists. This is because plaque formation leads to bacterial infestation that is the onset of all oral conditions. And teeth cleaning removes all traces of plaque and bacteria, giving them no chance to affect teeth or gums in any way. Also, it prevents foul breath and discourages digestive troubles that otherwise happen due to bacterial infection in the mouth.
  • Teeth Whitening – Teeth whitening is though more commonly known for its cosmetic benefits, but it also reduces the chances of plaque accumulation. Besides, polished and healthy teeth boost confidence too.
  • Dental Implantation – Mostly suggested for healthy people with strong jaws, dental implants are permanent solutions to missing teeth. Depending upon the condition of your tissues, dentists may also suggest temporary implantation crowns before the actual surgery.
  • Bone Grafting – Bone grafting is a surgical method to make implantation stronger. It involves filling in the space around the implant with actual bone so that the end result is better. Besides, bone grafting also reduces the chances of infection that does affect some people due to implantation.
  • Root Canal Treatment – Root canal surgery is done by removing rotten tooth pulp. Tooth pulp is a term used for the flesh within the innermost gum layer holding a tooth. It contains blood vessels and living cells that keep gums strong. Once dead, it starts decaying and the affected gum develops infection. Root canal is thus the only way to carefully extract only the dead pulp and fill the cavity left behind with a high-grade rubbery material.
  • Wisdom Tooth Removal – You may or may not witness a wisdom tooth ever, but the fact that it remains underneath the flesh is a constant. Since it’s very difficult to clean the flesh around the wisdom tooth area, the chances of cavities, infection, and plaque formation are maximum. Dentists can simply numb the area and remove wisdom tooth that requires very less healing time.