Ways to Scale Up Your Walking Routine

Well, other than eating a healthy diet, walking is one of the most popular and is the most natural workouts to maintain a fit and healthy body. Walking is a low impact and simple yet effective form of exercising which makes it a choice for many. On the other, hand you do not require any extra equipment.

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Walking has numerous advantages to your body, talk about shedding extra fat, improving your stability, and coordination of muscles. For people who are newbies into the exercising realm, walking is a cheap and relaxing way to burn off extra calories. Additionally, if you have a tight schedule, you can easily incorporate it without affecting other tasks.

As they say, normal is boring, here are some tips to scale up your walking routine to ensure you gain more.

Embrace Technology

Using Sportiiis, for instance, or other fitness tech devices is an excellent way to monitor variables such as speed, distance, the number of steps, or even the number of calories burned. The statistics from the devices will help you know your position in your fitness journey.

Additionally, the devices will help you challenge yourself to better your previous stats. For instance, you can pick the distance you covered the past month and try to outdo it. Moreover, improving your stats will spice up your walking routine.

Strength Workouts

Strong arms, legs, and core can help you improve your distance and pace during your walks. To achieve this, you can blend your walking routines with slight strength training workouts to improve your overall fitness.

Additionally, you can carry some light weights during your walks for resistance training. Challenging your workouts will make you build muscle mass. Word of caution, if you have never used ankle or wrist weights before, start with smaller ones and work your way up gradually.

Switch Terrains

The route you follow during your walks has a significant impact on your progress. If you stick to one course all throughout you are bound to get bored leading to a plateau in your fitness progress. It is vital that you search for different routes within your locality. Additionally, you can drive to different neighborhoods with different terrains. This will make your routine more enjoyable and beneficial.

Don’t Forget to Stretch

Most people always ignore stretching before hitting the track. Nonetheless, stretching is essential and has significant benefits, such as cuts down the recovery period, improves your range of motion and mobility.

You can attend yoga sessions before heading out for your daily walk.

Split Intervals

Blending your walks with short bursts of fast walking is one way to make your routines more challenging and exciting. Other you will burn more calories. For a start, you can walk for say 5 minutes at normal speed before switching to your top speed for around 1 minute. Repeat for as long as you can.

Additionally, you can cut down on the rest time to help build up your endurance levels.