Whatever you wished to know about Cannabis

Cannabis is a derivative of the cannabis plant or cannabis sativa. It grows mainly in the temperate and tropical areas, but it can be cultivated in any climate using indoor hydroponic technology. THC is the most active ingredient found in cannabis. This portion of the plant produces that high. Cannabis is mostly used in three forms: marijuana, hash oil, and hashish. Marijuana is produced from dried leaves and flowers of this plant. The potency level of marijuana is low, and it is made mostly from the dried leaves or flowers of the plant. Hash oil is highly potent, and this thick oil is obtained from hashish, and it is smoked.

Hashish is produced from the resin of the cannabis plant. It is dried and smoked. It is also added to food. Cannabis is generally smoked in joints or hand-rolled cigarettes or the water pipes or bongs. These bongs or pipes can be made from things like soft drink cans, orange juice containers, and toilet rolls. Many countries have not legalized the use of cannabis though it has several benefits. Many conventions are held worldwide like Cannabis Convention in Denver that brings together professional, and business leaders from all over the world wherein discussions and presentations are done regarding the future of the cannabis industry.

How is Cannabis used?

Different cannabis forms are used in various ways. Hash and cannabis are smoked in the vaporizer. Vaporizers heat the cannabis to a temperature, which releases the active ingredients and minimizes the toxins. THC, the active ingredient in cannabis goes into the bloodstream via the lungs’ walls when smoked and through the stomach’s or intestine’s walls when eaten. The bloodstream carries THC to the brain thus producing high effects. Drugs after inhalation go into the bloodstream much quicker compared to eating. It means that when you smoke cannabis, the effects become more rapid than when eaten.

Some cannabis species has a few psychoactive effects. They are used for producing hemp fire for using in textiles, paper, and clothing. For many centuries, cannabis is used for medical purposes. Reports say that cannabis can help conditions like vomiting and nausea associated with chemotherapy, glaucoma, asthma, epilepsy, pain relief to people suffering from arthritis and cancer, treating excessive weight loss in people suffering from cancer, HIV/AIDS, relief from neurological disorders involving muscle spasms that include spinal cord injury and multiple sclerosis. Cannabis changes the mood of the user and affects the way they perceive the environment such as daily activities.

Is cannabis effective?

The medical properties of cannabis along with its components are a subject of debate and research for many decades. THC has proved its benefits in various formulations. The U.S. FDA has approved the use of THC for treating nausea in cancer patients and for stimulating appetite in patients due to AIDS. Many marijuana-based medicines are used for performing clinical trials. Many states have approved the use of marijuana for medical reasons while many states have not approved its use. Various conventions are organized like Cannabis Convention in Denver where the importance of cannabis is highlighted.